Randy Orton Son, Kids, Family, Net Worth, and Bio

Randy Orton is a famous WWE wrestler known for his amazing skills and exciting matches. This article will help you learn about Randy Orton son, his family, his career, and other interesting details about his life. Let’s dive in!

Randy Orton Bio

Full NameRandal Keith Orton
Date of BirthApril 1, 1980
Place of BirthKnoxville, Tennessee, USA
ProfessionProfessional Wrestler
WWE Debut2002
Notable TitlesWWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion

Randy Orton is an American professional wrestler who has been a major star in WWE for over 20 years. He is known for his powerful moves and exciting matches.

Randy Orton Son & Kids

Randy Orton has a son and a daughter. His son is named Robert, and his daughter is named Alanna. He loves spending time with his children and often shares pictures and moments with them on social media.

Randy Orton Son Info

Randy Orton’s son, Robert, is very special to him. Randy enjoys playing with Robert and teaching him new things. Robert sometimes attends WWE events to watch his dad in action.

How Old is Randy Orton?

Randy Orton was born on April 1, 1980. As of 2024, he is 44 years old.

Randy Orton Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Height6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m)
Weight250 pounds (113 kg)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue

Randy Orton is tall and strong, which helps him perform well in wrestling matches. His impressive physical appearance makes him stand out in the ring.

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Randy Orton Career

Randy Orton started his WWE career in 2002. He quickly became popular and won many championships, including the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. His career has been filled with memorable moments and exciting matches.

Randy Orton Relationship

Randy Orton is married to Kimberly Kessler. They got married in 2015. Kimberly supports Randy in his wrestling career and they share a loving relationship.

Randy Orton Family

Randy Orton comes from a family of wrestlers. His father, Bob Orton Jr., and his grandfather, Bob Orton Sr., were also professional wrestlers. This wrestling tradition has helped Randy become one of the best in WWE.

How Many Kids Does Randy Orton Have?

Randy Orton has two kids: a son named Robert and a daughter named Alanna. He loves being a dad and spends quality time with his children whenever he can.

What is Randy Orton Net Worth 2024

YearNet Worth
2019$11 million
2020$12 million
2021$14 million
2022$15 million
2023$16 million
2024$18 million

Randy Orton’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be $18 million. He has earned his wealth through his successful wrestling career and various endorsements.

Facts About Randy Orton

  • Randy Orton is a third-generation wrestler.
  • He is known for his finishing move called the “RKO.”
  • Randy Orton has won the Royal Rumble match twice.
  • He has appeared in several movies and TV shows.
  • Randy loves spending time with his family and pets.
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This article provides an easy-to-understand overview of Randy Orton son, life, family, and career. Now you know more about this WWE superstar and his journey to success!

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